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Case Studies

Spacewise are pleased to be working with James at  BACKGROUND BARS on their latest event

Spacewise are pleased to be working with James at BACKGROUND BARS on their latest event

Having customised a unit for our new customer – The unit was then delivered and slotted onto a very tight site in central London at the Red Gallery to cover the forth coming events;

Background Bars are at the forefront of the pop up bar culture and specialise in event bars for festivals, weddings, private parties and launch events throughout the UK .

The Butcher

A third generation Butchery Shop needed a solution for the re-building of their existing cold room and therefore required temporary storage of their meat carcasses. The problems they encountered were that their building (300 years old and listed) backed onto a new apartment block where people were now residing. They were also concerned about any damage to their building as access and space was extremely tight.

Spacewise found a solution by supplying a low noise, low energy machine and this was installed using highly trained and skilled HIAB Crane Operator. In addition Spacewise also manufactured a Stainless Steel Food grade Meat Hanging Rack for the storage of their meat carcasses. The unit was installed with no damage to the building and zero complaints from the adjoining residents.

The Baker

A local bakery required additional chilled and frozen storage but were convinced that they could not
use containers due to a space issue. However upon our detailed site inspection and careful delivery
we succeeded!

The Supermarkets

During the peak Christmas period the supermarkets require high volumes of equipment to be
delivered and commissioned in a very short space of time. Spacewise supply, delivers, installs and
maintains high volumes of equipment 24/7 during this extremely busy time. The whole project is
managed in house by the Spacewise team.
Royal Greenwich

Royal Greenwich Park

During the London 2012 Olympics Spacewise was required to install units into the Royal Greenwich
Park. The gradients of the park were a challenge but were overcome by Spacewise project managing
leveling of the containers.
Pall Mall

Pall Mall

During the London 2012 Olympics there were issues surrounding the install of refrigerated containers
into St. James Park just off Pall Mall. The Royal Parks were extremely concerned regards damage to
trees and grass and the environmental impact of running refrigerated containers within this area.
Spacewise solution was to use low noise, low energy machines. The details of these were scrutinized
and subsequently passed by The Royal Parks as being acceptable. Spacewise then installed the
containers using highly skilled and trained HIAB Crane Operators under supervision of The Royal
Parks to ensure we did not even knock a leaf off!
St James Park London

St James Park London

We were informed that it was impossible to install units down a narrow pathway with the Royal
Park at Westminster - they were wrong!

Spacewise found a solution for safely off loading into a nearby road and skating unit into place
using container skates and an adapted 4 x 4 truck. No squirrels were harmed in the process!