20ft Refrigerated / Temperature Controlled Container

Standard Features

  • Temperature range from -35°c to +30°c
  • Can store up to x 8 Euro Pallets
    or x 7 metric pallets per layer
  • Low noise and low energy consumption (in comparison to our competitors)
  • Easy Open Butchers door (fully lockable)
  • Flat flooring for easy maneuver of trolleys etc
  • Aliminium loading ramp
  • Internal lighting including emergency internal lighting in the event of a power failure
  • Man trap panic alarm
  • Nationwide delivery

Optional Features

  • Remote monitoring system (can be used by mobile phone, tablet or PC anywhere in the world)
  • Security Grill
  • Plastic Strip Curtains
Temperature Range -35°c to +30°c

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This by far is our most popular refrigerated/temperature controlled container. Widely used by most supermarkets throughout the UK. This unit has a decent floor space of up to 8 pallets per layer.

As with all Spacewise refrigerated/temperature controlled containers these are capable of precisely controlling temperatures from between -35°c to +30°c. Spacewise refrigerated/temperature controlled units are of low noise and the most energy efficient available to date (consumption savings of up to 30% compared to previous marine type unit). All units are to a food and pharmaceutical grade so are capable of storing a wide range of products.

Spacewise units as standard are delivered with a flat floor, butchers type door opening, internal lights, man trap panic alarm and a loading ramp. We can on request also supply units fitted with a remote monitoring system which will alert you either by email or SMS in the event of a temperature problem.

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Dimensions 20ft

Length 6.00m (20ft 0ins) Length 5.56m (18ft 2ins) Width 2.27m (7ft 5ins) Usable Internal c.c. 22cu.m
Width 2.40m (8ft 0ins) Width 2.29m (7ft 6ins) Height 2.18m (7ft 1ins) Pallet Euro
(Per layer)
1.20m x 0.80m
Height 2.50m (8ft 6ins) Height 2.23m (7ft 3ins) Butcher's Door
1.80m (5ft 10ins) x
2.00m (6ft 6ins)
(clear opening)
Pallet Metric
(Per layer)
1.20m x 1.00m